De Vega Concrete, LLC is independently owned and operated by Fidel Vega. We have been in business since 2004, founded and started in Westchester, IL. We now operate out of Broadview, IL and we are family operated. De Vega Concrete, LLC has gained a great reputation throughout the concrete industry and we are highly recommended and referred by our customers. De Vega Concrete, LLC proudly services the West Suburban area.

Fidel is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, who enjoys working, hands on in the construction field with his employees. In some reviews you will see that customers enjoy working with Mr. Vega because he is so hands on. However, during the season it can be tough to keep up with Mr. Vega but no matter what Mr. Vega works hard to get the job done right. You can certainly trust and count on DeVega Concrete, LLC.

Jesus …….

Our employees are professional and outstanding at their trade, great customer relations and work diligently.